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This Gallery is organized into categories to better assist with locating imagery that fits your specific artistic needs and projects. Specific reference imagery can be located by searching categories(Online Session, In-Person Session, & Gazelle Inspired), image type(portrait, figure,etc), or specific session date(March/March 23).

Reference image categories:

  • Online Sessions,
  • In-person Sessions,
  • Gazelle Inspired

Each reference image category has subcategories of portrait, costumed, clothed, and nude figure. Subcategories are showcased after selecting a main category option.

Reference Image Galleries

Online Sessions

Reference imagery from self-hosted online sessions other online groups.

In-Person Sessions

Reference imagery from in-person drawing sessions, classes, workshops, and other events where I have modeled.

Gazelle Inspired

Limited purchase reference imagery from my self-portrait and landscape photography explorations.

Creative Inspiration Options


I offer reference video rentals for your creative inspiration. These videos feature portraits, costumed, clothed,and nude figure references. Reference videos are from my online sessions or self-exploration.

Live Sessions/Other Events

Interested in joining my self-hosted online art sessions and other online events I host. This is where you can always find details about my upcoming online events and sessions. Bookmark this page to stay up to date on my upcoming events.

Work with me

Seeking an experienced, professional model for your creative vision? I offer multiple options to creatively collaborate with me for all your artistic projects.


Looking to support my artistic endeavors while being inspired to create your own art? Your monthly support through a subscription will allow me to continue exploring on my self-portrait journey while creating inspiring reference imagery for your artwork.