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Reference Image Gallery

This reference gallery is curated by Gazelle Powers and provides hi-resolution, visual, artistic inspiration for personal art use. Visual imagery ranges from classical figure to costumed portraits with elaborate settings and includes photo and video references. These references are generally from in-person or virtual sessions, classes, or workshops I have done. It also includes self-portraits from my own artwork. All references were created by Gazelle, unless otherwise stated, and are copyrighted.

Please contact me by email(

or using my Contact Form to discuss details and rates for custom reference imagery or imagery needed for classroom, group, and commercial use*.

Gallery Search: This Gallery is organized into sections to better assist with locating imagery that fits your specific artistic needs. Specific reference imagery can be located by searching session type(Online Session, In-Person Session,etc), image type(portrait, figure,etc), specific session date(March/March 23), or by searching All Galleries(link also below).

The 'Gazelle Inspired' category provides reference imagery from my own exploratory, self-portrait photography artwork. These references are available for limited purchase.

Interested in a monthly image reference membership to my self portrait photography? Check out my reference image membership plans.

*Please note signing a 'Use License and Terms' agreement is required for commercial use of all website content. Distribution,selling,displaying, and classroom/group use of imagery/content is commercial use. Commercial use is not permitted before or after purchase of reference material without a prior license agreement. 'Use License and Terms' is only applicable to the copyrighted imagery/content listed on this reference gallery for purchase. It is NOT applicable to any artwork/artworks created from the use of the imagery/content purchased from this reference gallery.

See site Terms & Conditions for complete details.

Happy Creating!

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